Dunhill Links Update – Saturday

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Seemingly unbeatable weather on Friday has been bettered by almost perfect low scoring weather on the 3 links course. The almost impossible 59 in a European Tour event that was nearly made on Friday on Kingsbarns, seemed almost a sure bet on Saturday when a group of players including Ernie Els were on 8 under after 12 holes.

Andy Garcia surveys the Roadhole target

WagsTours took some time off from pressing the flesh with customers, and visitors to St Andrews to watch Mr Andy Garcia tackle the Old course 17th, the infamous RoadHole. Unfortunately his second was destined for the Roadhole bunker with 2 shots to get out, spoiling a good chance for par.

As we waited for the Saturday night fireworks display from the excellent viewpoint of the RBar overlooking the 18th and 1st fairway, an unlikely bunch emerged onto the hallowed turf of the old course. They emerged in full suits and regalia, having spent most of the day in the equally excellent One Under .

Kate meets the St Andrews poker club

Kate went out to investigate and turns out they were the still standing remnants of the R&A Poker Club lunch. Research confirms poker is actually played and its not an excuse to get dressed up and impress the WAG’s attending the Dunhill Links championship. What a nice bunch of gentlemen. Reputedly!

Darkness arrived and with it perfectly calm, dry conditions for the fireworks display. Mr Alfred Dunhill didn’t let us down and we witnessed some great rockets. Not just the £20 box from the supermarket!
Andy Garcia - Roadhole Old Course

It was nice to meet up the Openview Gallery business owner Ollie Dury, enjoying the display with family.

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